Schwa relaxing.

Everyone cares, stresses, emphasizes. Schwa doesn’t care at all. Schwa sleeps and works, both. He doesn’t care where he is put or kept silently. He speaks in the laziest way and is heard by none. Obviously! He amalgamates himself with others so well that others are not even compromising. Woot! Though, he is the most common yet rare. That’s where his personality lies. He likes to eat, rest, talk patiently with others in such a way that others accommodate him well. In fact, in return, he helped people to be Phonetically refined! How bountiful! It saves the peeps from ‘argle-bargle’.

In pins and needles, who? They! Under the weather, who? They! Bent out of shape, who? They! On Cloud Nine, who? They! Is every man jack good? Out in the world of disappointments, amazements, surprises, it is ‘They’ who controls but still is ‘Every man Jack’. No one believes in taking the cat out of the bag but it just occurs on its own. Feelings are objective whereas Emotions are subjective. The poets of the fall, the University wits, even the club of Bloomsbury believed in the exact notion and paved their ways accordingly. Where Clarrisa be in the opinion…

Gratifyingly, there is no quick-fix for psychologies. For psychologies, there, always, have been unsettling times. But, regrettably, these are not the mental makeup of you or me. We settle persuasively. The psychical is of ‘Perspicacious’, ‘Polyglots’, and ‘Sophists’. They, generally, are quite keen on their mustards. Quite inveterate of their opinions! The ones with their talent of ‘Several languages’, ‘Several body languages’ and ‘Gestures’, lure the minds of others who aren’t quite popular of themselves. And, of course, not to mention ‘Sophists’, who are clever of their school of thought and I must congratulate ‘What Opportunists!’. It, always, is good…

Identities are often confused with a close affinity with an institution, a social structure, an arena. Human, as a social animal, is metamorphized with ‘how a human supposed to be’. In this quarrel of ‘Being self’ and ‘satiating the needs of society’, the one that suffers to an extend is a woman. Why a woman is a sufferer because a society, I’m sorry to mention, but if a ‘Patriarchal society’, suffers ‘A’, then, a woman has to suffer ‘A’ and ‘B’. To keep my thoughts lucid and simple, for a woman, there is always a difficulty, trouble, a rivalry to…

Upasana Sharma

Lame duck to be a Rubber chicken!

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