Irrefutably, Let’s be Schwa!

Schwa relaxing.

Everyone cares, stresses, emphasizes. Schwa doesn’t care at all. Schwa sleeps and works, both. He doesn’t care where he is put or kept silently. He speaks in the laziest way and is heard by none. Obviously! He amalgamates himself with others so well that others are not even compromising. Woot! Though, he is the most common yet rare. That’s where his personality lies. He likes to eat, rest, talk patiently with others in such a way that others accommodate him well. In fact, in return, he helped people to be Phonetically refined! How bountiful! It saves the peeps from ‘argle-bargle’.

Others have always loved him the way he is and he has nicknames too that he does not mind but love instead, again! as he is calm, silent, patient to be just the place he is kept at! How munificent he is! Schwa is so prevalent because others are quite stress-timed. So, he is always there to keep them tranquil just the way Halycons are! Phew! thanks to Schwa!

Feels old already?

He is the most chilled-out guy. If you ask him to pick a side, he is just neutral. Though he is physically extremely old, the vibes he carries, Good gracious, He may even teach you how to live, chill and speak impressively! Though he never fights, how he reacts and responds conveys a lot about the peeps he is with. You see, quite an ambivert! No worries about the job, or of the family members and friends, whom we call peeps here, He loves to be the way he is!

For this or that reason, how do you feel about the facts about Mr. Schwa. Isn’t he cool enough? Oh, of course, he is! So, let’s be him, let’s strive to be what we want to be, do want we want to do, Attempt what we aspire to be. Who cares about the world around! and Check him out! He is breaking the internet! Oh, by the way, he has travelled the world, met a few peeps, cultures, environment and finally, found his spot! You will too! So, don’t forget to travel and Be cool!

In the last, as we say,

Fun Facts about him! (Oh, of course, I can help you with a few! Need I say more?)

MR. SCHWA says ‘Bye’ for now! He wishes to relax again! (Putting others on work)

Lame duck to be a Rubber chicken!